Pool Blankets


What will a Pool Blanket do for the pool?

The answer is that it will substantialy increase the value and return on the investment you have made in your pool or spa by achieving the following:


Minimise the cooling of the pool by stopping evaporation and convection heat loss.  This occurs mainly during the night when the ambient air temperature drops below the temperature of the water in the pool.  By creating a barrier between the water surface and the outside air, these losses are virtually eliminated.


By keeping evaporation to a minimum, you not only save water, (approx 1.5 metres per year in the Brisbane Metropolitan Area), but you also save on the cost of chemicals as you don’t have to re balance your pool after topping up. It also reduces the amount of chlorine lost to the sun’s UV rays.


Blankets keep the pool cleaner – about 80% to 90% of debris is kept out of the pool.  This reduces the work load of your pool cleaner.  Most types of pool cleaners will work quite happily under the blanket.


Reduces pool heating costs by up to 50%.  Even the cost of running solar system pumps is saved by reducing the amount of heat loss from the pool. Effectively 90% of heat loss is from the surface of the  pool.  By using a blanket in conjuction with gas, electric or solar heating systems, significant energy cost savings can be made.


Extend the swimming season.  Even without other forms of heating on the pool, the addition of a pool blanket can result in a temperature increase of from 6 to 8 degrees in a pool that has a sunny aspect.



When having a pool blanket fitted, be sure it fits the pool exactly, as gaps around the edges will reduce the blankets efficiency.


Consideration should also be given to purchasing a roller with the pool blanket.  Using a roller to remove and store the blanket makes it an easy and efficient way off adding extra value to your pool.