What is Algae?

Algae is a small plant growth which can take on many forms and is closely related to seaweed which itself is a form of algae. As in the case of seaweed, it can come in many shapes and sizes but for the most part Algae found in swimming pools is very small and resembles moss. These tiny microscopic plants feed on nutrients contained in the water. The algae spores, are either already present in the water, transported to the pool by wind or are attached to other debris which finds its way into the pool. The algae plant requires only air, sunlight, water and a good supply of nutrients to grow. They normally grow most profusely in the shallowest water and are usually found in areas around swimouts and steps.

By removing any one of the elements mentioned above ie. air, sunlight, water or nutrients, the algae will not grow. The simplest way of ridding your pool of algae is to remove the nutrients required for algae growth. Shock dosing of the pool will usually overcome the problem by starving the algae of its nutrients, causing it to die. However they are extremely hardy little organisms and, in some cases the algae becomes so resistant to the normal sanitiser that treatment with an Algaecide is required. There are many of these available and your SPASA Pool Shop or Serviceman can advise on which is the best one for you to use.

Once the algae dies, the residue will need to be brushed from the pool surface so it can be removed by the filtration process or vacuumed out, leaving the pool clean and clear.

Maintaining correct water balance and sanitiser level and not allowing the pool to “go off”, along with occasional shock dosing, will usually keep algae under control. Add to this the regular use of an Algaecide and you can be sure the pool remains clean and free from algae.

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