spa care



Before emptying old water out of spa

Take cartridge out, hose, soak cartridge in FILTERBRITE for approximately eight hours (best done overnight). Before putting cartridge back in, hose.

With the cartridge out and the heater off, pour half a bottle of SWIRL AWAY into the old spa water. Run pump for one hour on high speed, dump water in the normal manner.

By soaking the cartridge and chemically treating the plumbing and heater element, you are removing build up which impedes effective filtration, shortens equipment life and can breed bacteria.

While the spa is empty

Clean spa shell using SQUEAKY CLEAN. This product ensures that the spa shell is free of greasy matters. SQUEKY CLEAN does not make water foam or effect water balance and therefore should also be used to clean scum lines whilst the spa is full.

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Refill spa & balance water

Step 1. Shock water by adding 25 grams (1 tablespoon heaped) of BROMINATING CONCENTRATE (note container cap holds 75 grams). Circulate for about 10 minutes.

Step 2. Add approximately 200 grams BALANCE PAK 100. Circulate for about an hour.

Step 3. Check water balance using SPA TEST STRIPS. Total Alkalinity should be between 100 - 150) , PH 7.2 - 7.6 and bromine 4 - 6.

Step 4. If the bromine level is too low add a small amount of BROMINATING CONCENTRATE to the water. If the bromine is too high, run filtration with hardcover off - it will soon dissipate.

If the total alkalinity is too low, add small amount of BALANCE PAK 100. If the total alkalinity is too high, lower it by adding small amount of LO N SLO.

If the PH is too low, firstly make sure the total alkalinity is within range, as PH is adjusted after total alkalinity is balanced. If PH is still too low, add a small amount of BALANACE PAK 200. If PH is too high, add small amount of LO N SLO. This is done by sprinkling.

Step 5. Place 2 -3 BROMINATION TABLETS in a floater in the spa.

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Perfect Balance Option

  • This next optional step of adding PERFECT BALANCE is not to be done until both TOTAL ALKALINITY and PH are in range, that is PH 7.2 -7.6 and TOTAL ALKALINITY 100 - 150.
  • Add half a bottle of PERFECT BALANCE (heater off, water circulating) to maintain PH in range between dumping of water.

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Weekly Maintenance

  1. Check water balance and adjust
  2. Hose cartridge
  3. Oxidise spa by adding 25 grams of brominating concentrate. This may also need to be done after a heavy bather load.
  4. Make certain there are 2 -3 brominating tablets in the floater. This should be maintained at this level at all times.
  5. Add 30mls of perfect balance to maintain PH, if you are using this option.

For softer, silkier, fragrant water use SPA OPTIMISER as per instructions on the container.

All chemical quantities are based on a spa with a capacity of 1,000 litres of water.

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