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At Poolside Wide Bay, we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and expertise. Our experienced team at our Pialba store is able to provide straight forward advice, helping you choose the best chemicals to suit your pool. Servicing residential and commercial clients across Hervey Bay, we’re your one stop shop for all your pool chemical needs.

We stock a full range of pool and spa chemicals for salt and freshwater pools. Using the latest photometer technology, we are able to provide accurate water tests both in-store and on-site. This ensures we can recommend effective chemicals that can treat all sorts of water problems, such as green pools and black spots.

For a safer and cleaner pool, visit our Pialba store today or give us a call to book in a service!

Pool Balancer — Pool Shop in Pialba, QLD


Keep your pool’s water balance in check with our range of balancing chemicals. By maintaining your pool’s pH balance, not only will the water be more comfortable to swim in, it can also protect the pool’s surface and equipment, minimising the risk of scaling and corrosion. We supply a large range of BioGuard products, including pool acid and stabilisers that are highly effective and easy to use. Call us today to discuss the condition of your pool.


Your pool is highly susceptible to dust, rain, insects and birds, so sanitising it regularly is key to maintaining the safety and health of anyone using the pool. Chlorine-based pool sanitisers are a cost-effective alternative to straight liquid chlorine. Our BioGuard range is non-dangerous, user friendly and highly effective. Our expert team can recommend the most suitable product for your pool, simply give us a call!

Pool Edge Cleaner — Pool Shop in Pialba, QLD
Algecides - Pool Shop Pialba - Poolside Wide Bay


Choose from Poolside Wide Bay’s range of algecides to effectively remove any algae in your pool. Algae thrives on wastes in the water, and can multiply in numbers if left untreated. Not only is an algae-infested swimming pool unhygienic, it can also ruin the aesthetics of your pool, making it look dull and unsanitary.


We offer a range of specialty products from BioGuard, which can reduce skin and eye irritation, make the water more comfortable, improve water clarity and improve the performance of other products such as sanitisers and oxidisers. We stock a comprehensive range of speciality products to service all kinds of pools around Hervey Bay. Our team can provide a free water test and recommend the best products that can assist your pool.